It is time to rethink the way people rethink dieting and adopting a healthier lifestyle! For years, the current approaches have failed people time and time again, yet people still fall back into these methods out of desperation or not knowing what else to do.

As a professional nutritionist, I understand that there is a desire to find a “miracle” quick fix or search for an easy method of success. However, this unfortunately does not exist. Making long term lifestyle changes is the most effective way to lose weight and ultimately lead a healthier life. This does not mean that you have to give up everything you enjoy. In fact, it is quite the opposite! Once you learn how you can include these things in your diet at the right times and in moderation then you will never look back.

It is 100% possible to lead a healthy lifestyle whilst still enjoying the good things in life like sweets, chocolate, pizza, burgers etc.

My ‘Health & Wellness Club’ has been designed to allow you to do just that! Learn how to make long term enjoyable lifestyle changes which will provide you with benefits for the rest of your life, not just a 6 week quick fix.

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  • These are educational and practical on a wide range of topics related to health and wellness and are designed to teach you everything you need to know to achieve your goals.
  • Classes will be run on Zoom to provide a convenient setting for everyone.
  • These will be recorded and uploaded to a subscription only section of my website which can only be accessed by members of the health and wellness group. This will allow you to view them back if you want to catch up again or if you weren’t able to be on the live Zoom session.
  • Some examples of class topics include:
    • Health & Nutrition Basics
    • Food Labelling
    • Weight Loss Principles
    • Psychology of Weight Loss
    • Exercise Basics
    • Food Shopping
    • Dieting: What is Wrong with the current methods?
    • Plus many more.
  • Have you wanted to actually learn and understand how to plan your own diet rather than have someone tell you what you can and can’t eat?
  • Not only will i be providing educational classes on various topics, there will also be opportunities to learn valuable skills that you can put into practice for your own diet and to suit your own goals.
    • Peoples goals/lifestyles change all the time, so if you can understand what to do with your nutrition should your goals change then it will put you in a great position for the months/years ahead.
  • Some skills you will be learning include:
    • Understanding food labelling
    • How to plan your own diet and make meal plans yourself to suit your own goals
    • How best to approach the food shopping
    • How to track your calorie intake without the monotony of spending hours every day glued to mobile phone apps
    • Simple cooking skills
    • Plus much more
  • The problem with many classes is that when you are not there, you can feel that you don’t have any support.
  • A private Facebook group for the ‘Health & Wellness Club’ will open up loads of opportunities including:
    • Asking for support
    • Posting quick questions (e.g. photo of a meal for assistance)
    • Sharing recipe ideas
    • General social opportunities (getting to know other members, meeting a new exercise buddy etc)
  • An online platform designed and run by a professional nutritionist.
  • Will be used alongside classes to make it easier to plan meals and learn new skills.
  • Includes a wealth of information and useful resources including:
    • Delicious recipes
    • Nutritional breakdowns
    • Downloads (meal plan templates, planners and other documents)
    • Videos
    • Recordings of online classes will be uploaded to here
    • Plus much more.
  • As well as the classes/workshops and meet ups, i will be hand to discuss any issues you may have. I feel strongly feel that support should be on hand whenever it is required. This could be in the following ways:
    • Text
    • Email
    • Phone Call
    • Facebook Messenger
  • I strongly believe that face to face meetings and social activities can be a huge help with keeping motivated.
  • Once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and allow us to do so, i will be organising a regular meet up where everyone can chat, have a coffee, go for a walk etc as well as having the opportunity to discuss any issues with me in person.
  • This meeting can be moved around to different locations to allow everyone the opportunity to get involved.

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