Hi Craig

May I  take this opportunity once again to say a massive thank you for all of the support and guidance that you gave me to successfully complete my marathon challenge.

The program that you set for me in both the gym and nutritional dietary program definitely ensured that my body and mental state of mind were ready to take on the challenge that lay  ahead.

 I know that it’s your job but seriously,  without the first class professionalism and support you offered me, I definitely would  have struggled to successfully complete my challenge.

I wish you and your business all the very best for the future.


Kevin Beattie – Marathon Runner

I contacted Craig after I ‘hit the wall’ during my first marathon in London. We set up a meeting he looked at my nutrition pre marathon and worked out where I could improve by making a few adjustments to my calories and carbohydrate intake.

After working with Craig I have just completed my 2nd marathon where I got a 35 minute PB. I would highly recommend Craig’s services and look forward to catching up with him at the Falkirk half .

Miranda Richmond – Marathon Runner

“Before I started with Craig I had limited knowledge on how nutrition impacted on my performance in my sport. Being a kickboxer it is imperative that I’m as physically prepared as I can be and by being with Craig since the beginning of April he has managed my nutrition and weight going into competition.

As I recently competed and Won double gold at a tournament I can confidently say that deciding to go with Craig has been one of the best decisions I’ve made with my career up to date. My knowledge and understanding going forward is light years ahead of what it was even 4 months ago and going forward I can’t wait to see what happens with my career. Thanks Craig”

Luca Allison – Kickboxer

Graeme was competing in The Marmotte Grand Fondo, an event that takes place in the French Alpes, and which takes in three HC (the highest grading of difficulty of hill in road cycling) hills in its 185km distance. The climbing is close to 5.5km in vertical ascent.

Graeme Grant – Road Cyclist
“As a club level triathlete and runner, I was looking for a way to improve my training and racing performances. Craig took the thought of fuelling for sport and nutrition back to basics for me. Taking out unnecessary supplements, detailed recipes and giving a tailored level of fuelling has allowed me to simplify my eating plan to suit my level of training and competing. “
Ross Thomas – Ironman Triathlete & Runner

“Anyone looking at being as prepared as possible for running should consider one of Craig’s workshops. Really informative and tonnes of useful practical info that’s going to make a real difference.”

Michael King – Attendee at Marathon Workshop

“I attended Craig’s recent Nutrition Workshop and found it to be very beneficial. I have over recent years decided to find out more about nutrition and how it helps not only my body, but also my mind. After a lifetime of diet clubs and shakes it is fantastic to know that fat loss can and is being achieved by eating a healthy, nutritious diet. Anyone thinking of attending these workshops, I’d say do it! You won’t regret it.”

Michelle Rice – Attendee at Nutrition Workshop

“Your input this year has without doubt improved my 2017 hillwalking experience. The initial dietary analysis and subsequent discussion helped me to better understand my body’s nutritional requirements when climbing Munros. The small tweaks you suggested I made to what I consumed on the hills helped me to have more confidence in my capabilities and gradually my fear of developing the cramps has diminished. Your suggestions for home made energy drinks and energy bars were easy and practical and it is nice to know what it IN them. I felt you provided ample opportunity for me to ask questions and the second dietary analysis confirmed that my intake on high intensity days was now adequate for what I was doing. Thanks again for your encouragement and support.”

67 Year Old Female Hillwalker

“I found working with Craig extremely helpful and in the run up to my marathon training he helped me balance my nutrition so that I did not hit the wall on the day. Craig’s analysis showed me where I was nutritionally deficient and imbalanced and he gave me lots of good ideas for ensuring I was getting a balance across all the food groups. His advice took in to account my busy work commitments. As someone who has followed a lot of food fads it was refreshing to get sensible advice about fuelling your body correctly.”

Kate Macgregor – Marathon Runner

“My diet was poor and whilst I understood calories and good & bad foods, I thought training would be enough to keep my weight and health in check. Craig helped me understand not only what my calorie intake should be but what it should be made up of. This helped me see what I should eat more of and what to avoid. It also let me understand when to eat, both from a shift worker point of view and a training recovery point of view. His recipes were easy, tasty and in some cases, tailored to my specific requirements. I would definitely recommend Craig if you want grasp your diet and get an understanding of what to put in your body and when!”

Malcolm Mcintosh – Triathlete