This is what I’ve been up to since I started the business:

Falkirk Football Club
May 2014 – September 2014


I was contacted by Falkirk Football Club to come in and carry out some workshops regarding the nutritional requirements for the play off games, the off season and for the pre season preparations. 

During the workshops I looked at the players food diaries and gave recommendations for their individual goals. 
I also carried out hydration analysis on some players to advise them wheat their hydration level was like following a training session, which showed them if they should be drinking more to support their sweat losses.

I received excellent feedback from the players and the club who are hoping to use my expertise in the future to help progress the players development.

North Lanarkshire Athletics
March 2013 – Present

Working at the fantastic Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility I have been working with athletes ranging from under 11 up to under 17 from the North Lanarkshire catchment area.

While working here I carried out a number of workshops educating them on the importance of a healthy balanced and the effects it will have on training and competition. I also looked at their food diaries to give them a better idea of how their current diet was and what they could do to improve it.

As part of the workshops I carried out some practical sessions where I showed them how to make a number of products at home including sports drinks and protein drinks to allow them to understand that as they get older they shouldn't be relying on supplements to achieve their training goals, as it can easily be achieved through their diet.

Hillpark Boxing Club
September 2012 – 2013

While working with Hillpark Boxing Club I worked with boxers who ranged from age 11 to 18. While working here I looked into their diets and helped to identify any issues that could be limiting their performances in the ring. With the ages ranging from a young age it was important that they understand the importance of a healthy diet and the effects it has on the different aspects of training and competition to allow them to develop as they get older.
They were each given personalised guidelines to help them to take their performances to the next level. This included:-

- Calorie requirements for training and competition

- Carbohydrate and Protein requirements

- Recovery and preparation 

- Hydration strategies

Stirling University Tennis Academy
September 2012 – 2013

I have been working closely with players who are performing at a high level and competing regularly. Conducting in depth dietary analysis helped identify the nutritional balance of each players diet. This allowed me to work out whether or not they have achieved their nutrition goals:

- Daily calorie needs

- Carbohydrate needs

- Fat needs

- Protein needs

Hydration analysis is being undertaken to make sure players are aware of how much they should be drinking and to make sure they are meeting the targets set for hydration.

Education is vital for players as it allows them to understand the importance of nutrition in diet which helps them to make informed choices as to what they should be eating to improve their performance.

EP Sports Consultancy
2012 – 2014

EP is a company specializing in progressing athletic performance. With the support of the backroom staff in the form of Psychologists, Sports Scientists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Fitness Coaches, Biomechanics Coaches and Physiotherapists

One of my roles at EP is as a consultant, I have been engaged with and advised the parents of a youth football team about the important dietary changes the players should be making as well as various other important tips that will help them to perform at their best.

Providing advice on competition planning is an important part of my consultancy advice as it will give them the knowledge to prepare as best as possible for training and competition. This planning includes Pre, during and post-competition advice. This allows players to achieve optimum recovery.

I have also provided information and support to a rugby player from Australia who needed assistance to gain 10kg of lean mass as well as a female sprinter who required valuable information to help her reach her optimum performance in competition.

Falkirk Rugby Club
2011 – 2012

-During my times at Falkirk Rugby Club I worked closely with players to improve various aspects of their diet. By carrying out dietary analysis I was able to pinpoint the issues within the players’ diet which were impacting negatively on performance. Hydration is vital for every athlete, rugby is no different. Calculating the sweat rate of players allowed them to see how much fluid they were losing during training giving them a guide as to how much they should be drinking to avoid the onset of dehydration and keep them properly hydrated.