Kate Macgregor - Marathon Runner

"I found working with Craig extremely helpful and in the run up to my marathon training he helped me balance my nutrition so that I did not hit the wall on the day. Craig's analysis showed me where I was nutritionally deficient and imbalanced and he gave me lots of good ideas for ensuring I was getting a balance across all the food groups. His advice took in to account my busy work commitments. As someone who has followed a lot of food fads it was refreshing to get sensible advice about fuelling your body correctly."

Malcolm Mcintosh - Triathlete

“My diet was poor and whilst I understood calories and good & bad foods, I thought training would be enough to keep my weight and health in check. Craig helped me understand not only what my calorie intake should be but what it should be made up of. This helped me see what I should eat more of and what to avoid. It also let me understand when to eat, both from a shift worker point of view and a training recovery point of view. His recipes were easy, tasty and in some cases, tailored to my specific requirements. I would definitely recommend Craig if you want grasp your diet and get an understanding of what to put in your body and when!”

Ross McEachern - Marathon Runner

"Thank you for your support and advice in the lead up to the 120th Boston Marathon, this was my sixth Marathon and I had always thought I ate relatively well. The advice and plans you provided of what and when to eat before and immediately after training were invaluable. My recovery was quicker and I was able to do double sessions and runs the next day without feeling fatigued, which was problem before. This led to PB at the Alloa Half Marathon and winning a couple of Park Runs in the run up to Boston. Thanks again Craig and keep in touch."

David McCracken - Professional Football Player and Captain at Falkirk Football Club

"Craig has now been in for a few nutritional workshops with the players and has already had a positive effect on the squad.

The knowledge and expertise that Craig has in the sports nutrition field has been passed on extremely well with not only the younger players but the squad as a whole gaining valuable knowledge about how we can improve our performance on the pitch through better nutrition.

I hope that we can work more with Craig in the future to help progress the players as individuals and as a squad."

Kris Robertson - Physiotherapist at Falkirk Football Club

"Craig came in to provide the club with extra support regarding the nutrition requirements for our players in the run up to the the play off games, and also for our preseason plans. 

His in depth knowledge of his field was clear to see from his work with our players, putting across his points well and engaging the players with regards to their current diets. 
He was also able to break down the information and make it relevant to both senior players and our developing young players.

We hope to continue using Craig's knowledge in the future, as the feedback from the squad was very positive."

Colette Mackie - Teacher at Local Primary School

"Craig's "Healthy Eating" workshops were very informative and provided the right balance of factual information and practical activity to keep the children engaged throughout. He successfully found ways to relate the facts to subjects the children would understand, by involving their popular culture for example. He was very good to work with, being flexible, adaptable and communicating effectively from the offset."

Matthew Barr - Marathon Runner

"I recently ran the Edinburgh marathon in May 2014. This was my first marathon and as a Type 1 diabetic I knew it was going to be a big physical challenge. I had ran several half marathons previously but I knew the full marathon would require a more intense training schedule.

I had been building my distances each week and when I reached my 20 mile run 2 weeks before the marathon I really struggled. 16 miles+ was a challenge and the last mile was agony. I finished with a whimper and was suffering severe cramps and fatigue - I knew I had a lot to do and not much time to do it.

I contacted Craig and he was happy to fit me in to his schedule at short notice.

We reviewed my eating habits before, during and post runs and found that I was failing to take on enough carbohydrate in the build up to my long runs and also I had to take on more quick acting carbohydrates during my run.

Craig also completed a sweat analysis and found that I was losing unusually high levels of fluid and salt and therefore required to take onextra liquid and salt supplements during the Marathon.

We pulled together a plan for the marathon week which took into consideration my Type 1 Diabetes.  I made sure I followed this and as a result I smashed my 4 hour target with 3:45:47. I struggled over the finish but who wouldn't!? When I reached 21 miles still feeling strong I knew that the nutrition planning was what had made the difference.

Having ran past people who were fainting and cramping over the last few miles of the race I knew I would have been joining them had it not been for Craig's insight and guidance into my training.

I highly recommend Craig for his highly professional but relaxed approach that he makes sure is tailored to your own needs."   

Philip Crosson - Marathon Runner

"Having recently taken up running and deciding to run a marathon, I knew I needed expert advice on what I should be eating and drinking to get the best chance of completing the training and race. 

Following research on finding a suitable sports nutrition specialist, I decided to contact Craig because of his qualifications and links to sport organisations.

Craig's analysis highlighted areas in my diet that I could improve on without the use of expensive supplements. I reckon I have made huge savings by not going down the supplement route.

Craig also looked at how much I was drinking during my training runs and discovered I had a massive shortfall of taking the right amount of hydration. 

Craig had presented himself in a very professional manner. All the analysis and materials are well set out and easy to understand. He is happy for me to contact him with follow up questions. An example of this is when Craig calculated the amount of carbohydrate found in jelly beans which has meant I don't have to buy expensive gels for running as the jelly beans offer the same benefit.

I think it's important to get the right advice when attempting to really stretch yourself and Craig offers sound advice to help achieve your goals. "

Joe Gill - Assistant Tennis Coach and Player, University of Stirling International Sport Scholarship Programme

"From September 2012 Craig has worked with the tennis scholars who are part of University of Stirling International Sport Scholarship Programme. Craig has worked with some of the players on an individual basis, including myself, analysing their diets by asking for food diaries and providing reports and feedback from the information collected.

Craig has also worked with the 15 tennis scholars as a team by going to training sessions and looking at water intake and what we eat during sessions. He has also attended several home university matches and some individual tournaments looking at the similar areas.

I would highly recommend Craig as a sports nutritionist because he has drastically improved awareness and knowledge about what to eat, drink and when. Myself and the team think much more about what we should be doing.

The team has gone on to win the British University Collegiate Sports team championships, individual championships and the Premier League North winners which has been helped by Craig"

Scott Edmond –Vice president (juniors) Falkirk Rugby Club

“Craig Watson was initially asked to work with the Falkirk RFC U16 squad to provide nutrition and hydration advice. Craig developed individual plans for each player, assessing them over a period of time and ensuring that the advice and guidance was appropriate for the players to achieve their goals. This level of input was way above what we expected and was very valuable in educating the players not just for rugby but for general life styles too. Craig also provided nutrition and hydration advice to the whole junior section at Falkirk RFC. He tailored his input to target the varying age groups from Primary 3 up to U18. This input used a variety of methods including graphics to explain in simple terms the benefits of proper nutrition and hydration in sport. This input is now incorporated into the Falkirk RFC 'Welcome Pack' for all existing and new members. Craig has also supplied advice, which is published on the Falkirk RFC website.

Craig is a very professional sports nutritionist and extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise. His ability to tailor his input to target different age groups and to provide individual plans was invaluable. He is highly regarded at Falkirk RFC and I would recommend Craig to any sports club or individual.”

Philip Skinner, Junior Coach, Falkirk Rugby Club

“Craig worked with Falkirk Rugby under 16 squad, he was approachable and easy to get on with and the players enjoyed the sessions. The information he provided was tailored to meet the understanding of the players’age group, He liaised well with the coaches and parents giving them a better understanding of sports nutrition. Craig provided information on the importance of hydration and how this can optimise their performance and provided information on appropriate nutrition before, during and after a game and worked individually with the players on helping them understand their sports nutrition. Craig provided an information leaflet that Falkirk Rugby has adopted across all its junior players, the information is easy to understand and the depth of information varies across the players’ ages.

I would strongly recommend Craig Watson, the input he has had into the players has made them better rugby players and a stronger team”