Nutrition Consultancy

My consultancy services are designed to give you a better understanding of nutrition for your particular goals, sport etc. Each session will be broken down to suit your knowledge and understanding of nutrition to ensure it is easy to understand and you are getting the best out of it.


This is ideal for anyone who is just starting out in sport/exercise or looking to lose weight and needs to get to grips with the basics of nutrition as well as learning the important aspects of sports nutrition or weight loss..


This is for anyone who has an understanding of nutrition and are looking to optimise their sports performance. Perfect for if you are running your first marathon or are wanting to improve your performances for your individual sport.


This package is designed for the professional athlete or those who participate in high level sports such as ultra marathons, iron man triathlons etc.


* A small fuel charge may be added depending on distance. This will be discussed prior to the initial consultation