Oat-Coated Chicken Breast

Oats can be used as a healthier and tastier alternative to breadcrumbs. Oats are lower in salt, and are high in fibre, iron and and other nutrients. Using oats instead of breadcrumbs also gives the chicken a nice crunch. 

This recipe is also a healthier and tastier to fast food, so is ideal for those Friday or Saturday evenings where you fancy treating yourself. I have marinated the chicken in a shop bought Tabasco marinade but this is optional.


For the chicken

  • Chicken Breast
  • Marinade - whatever flavour you want (optional)
  • Rolled Oats
  • Eggs
  • Plain Flour

Step 1: Skip this step if not using a marinade. Place chicken breasts in a bowl or zip lock bag and cover with marinade. Leave in the fridge for around 2 days.

Step 2: Take a large handful of rolled oats and put in a mortar and pestle (a food processor will also work). Crush them up until they resemble breadcrumbs (having some different sizes will add to the crunchy texture of the chicken.)

Step 3: Beat the eggs and place in a bowl and place the flour and crushed oats on 2 separate plates. 

Step 4: Lift the chicken out of the bowl and shake off any excess marinade. Dip the chicken in the flour, egg then oats making sure it is properly coated with each.

Step 5: Place on a plate and pat firmly to make sure the oats are properly stuck. Cover with cling film and put in the fridge for about 1 hour.

Step 6: Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees C. Heat up some olive oil in a griddle pan or frying pan and place the chicken in, cooking for about 5 minutes each side or until browned.

Step 7: Put the chicken on a baking tray and cook for about 40 minutes, turning halfway through.

Step 8: Serve with sweet potato slices and veg.