Why you should not use scales to monitor fat loss

When trying to lose weight, many people can become obsessed with the scales and as a result can become demotivated and end up giving up.
The table to shows the results of what happened when I weighed myself 5 times throughout one day to highlight how much your weight can change over the course of a day and show why you shouldn't worry too much about using the scales. For me I ended up gaining 4.2lbs, which if I was looking to lose weight, would be very demotivating to see!

The best way to measure success is to focus on changes in your size. Look at your clothes, if they are feeling looser then you are going the right way. Since it is fat you are looking to lose, not weight the scales may not reflect exactly what is going on. For example, if you are eating and training well, you look at the scales and see you have gained 1lb. This looks like a bad thing. However, it may well be that you have lost 2lbs of fat and gained 3lbs of muscle which would be a massive achievement and if looking at body composition, you would see very positive changes.

Taking photos is also a very good way of measuring success. At the start of your journey take a range of pictures that you can use as a reference

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