Nutrition for Marathon Workshop

On Tuesday 26th January I hosted a workshop on the nutritional requirements of marathon running.

I am always learning how best to tailor my approach on a personal level, based on the real life feedback of my clients. Recently I discovered a couple of issues, some of which were highlighted to me during the workshop. Organisation/preparation and not being aware of nutrient requirements were just a few of them.

During the evening I took a personalised look at all aspects of nutrition in regards to marathon running including calorie, carbohydrate and protein requirements, preparation, recovery, training, hydration and much more. I provided guidance for everyone on how much of each they should be having. Like many clients I have worked with are surprised by the amount needed in order to achieve targets.

With regards to organisation, I would strongly recommend allocating a day of the week to use for making plans for your training, which should include making meal plans for the week as well as making sure you are eating enough to support the intense training that you will be undertaking. By doing this it will allow you to stick with a plan for what to eat instead of going into each day not knowing what you are having and just picking things that you fancy at the time.

I am planning to host a number of other workshops throughout the year in various locations, so keep an eye out on my Facebook page as well as on the events section of my website which will provide details of upcoming events.


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