Alternatives to Juice Plus - Part 1

As part of my 'Alternatives to Juice Plus' series on my Facebook, there will be an accompanying blog which will provide more information. In this first part, I will be looking into one of the companies most heavily marketed products, the Berry Blend Capsules and letting you know if it really is worth the money.

As you can see by the video, the capsules only contain 2 nutrients; Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Looking at the nutritional information taken from their website, per 2 capsules contains 10mg of Vitamin E and 29mg of Vitamin C. Costing £20.50 a month for a 4 month supply (So a total of £82). This made me want to let people understand more about the products and how easy it is to get the equivalent nutrition from real food.

To get the same amount of Vitamin E and Vitamin C as the Berry Blend Capsules all you need is 40g of Almonds (£2.70 for 200g) and 1/2 an Orange (£1.75 for 10). Price wise, it will cost £5.12 a week for the Juice Plus Capsules.

To get the same amount of Vitamin E and Vitamin C you would need 280g of Almonds a week and 3.5 Oranges (Only 1/2 an orange gets you 6mg extra Vitamin C), this would come to around £4.39 a week for both. So for 73p less than the Juice Plus capsules what other nutritional benefits do you get? The Table shows all the other nutrients that you would get by eating just 40g of Almonds and 1/2 an Orange instead of the Juice Plus Berry Blend Capsules.

This article has hopefully helped give you a bit more of an understanding that eating healthy does not have to be expensive and by taking the time to have a look what is in different foods you will see that using supplements such as Juice Plus is just more of a drain on your bank account than a health product.


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