Why should you not be using Juice Plus?

I've been seeing so much stuff on social media recently about ‪#‎JuicePlus with the tagline: "the next best thing to fruit and vegetables". With some products costing upwards of £90 a month or "for as little as £3 a day." To be honest why spend £3 a day (£21 a week) on "the next best thing to fruit and vegetables" when you could buy A LOT of fruit and vegetables for a fraction of the price.. I just spent £7.19 on the food in the picture which will last me (and my girlfriend) more than 1 week and looks much tastier than a little colourful capsule i'm sure you would agree?

Please be sensible, for £90 a month you could buy so much healthy fruit, vegetables and other quality foods as well as a gym membership or a good pair of running shoes instead of some shakes and powdered fruit capsules that you will inevitably get bored of and end up back in the same rut that caused you to begin taking these supplements in the first place.

Plan out a healthy balanced diet find a type of exercise you enjoy: this could be running, cycling, walking, exercise classes etc and set yourself achievable goals!

Telling people they can lose 8lbs+ a week with juice plus is not only irresponsible, it is dangerous! The healthy weight loss rate is 1-2lbs per week! If you are losing more than this then you will be losing lean tissue! I can also bet that the people selling these products have no idea about nutrition and how the body works which could be putting some peoples health at risk! At the end of the day they are wanting your money more than looking after your health. ‪#‎Eatrealfood‬

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