Is it finally time to regulate supplements?

As I have said many times before I feel it is time that dietary supplements should be regulated in the same way as pharmaceutical products.

This week saw the tragic death of a promising 18 year old rugby player following him taking the fat burning pill 2, 4-dinitrophenol, also known as DNP which has been banned for human consumption in the UK, but is widely available on the internet. (

This is the 16th death this decade and the 3rd this year which has been linked to this supplement, which is an industrial chemical used in manufacturing and in the UK is sold as a pesticide. It is a poison which interferes with the normal way the body gets energy from fat and as a result it can lead to death from overheating.

Unfortunately dietary supplements are not regulated in the same strict way that pharmaceuticals are. It is for this reason many people are able to go online and with a few clicks buy something that claims to be a diet supplement but in actual fact is just poison. If action is not taken to do something about these products being sold we could see more unnecessary deaths.

The people responsible for selling these tablets are not concerned about your health or the consequences of what their product might lead to, sadly with a lot of these companies as long as they are making money they will continue to supply dangerous supplements and “health products.”

If you want to lose weight please, please, be careful. There unfortunately is no miracle cure or quick fix to losing weight like a lot of people and companies out there will be quick to tell you otherwise.  Eating a healthy diet and exercise is the healthiest and most natural way of losing weight. This way you know that what you are putting in your body is safe and the weight you are intending to lose will stay off.

If you need any advice about anything I have talked about please don’t hesitate to contact me