Proof That Herbalife Is Only Focussed On Getting Your Money

Every so often i will browse the internet for things to post about or research. This week I decided to have a This really annoyed me!! There is a tool on the Herbalife website that tells your if you are a healthy weight or not and gives you recommendations based on this information. It is astonishing that they can try and sell me that amount of products that are completely unnecessary, despite acknowledging that i am healthy! Surely they should have said something like "You are healthy, keep doing what you are doing and if you feel you need more assistance contact us to find out more..." rather than blatantly just trying to get money!!

Your main focus when trying to lose weight should be to look at your current diet and make the changes that are needed to that rather than jumping in to another supplement company who are just after your money and don't give you any guidance as to how to change your diet. All they want is to sell you stuff!

I gauge my success as not seeing someone again, this means they know what they are doing and know how to plan their own diet and lifestyle and don't need my assistance any more. If someone was to keep coming back to me then i would see that as me not doing my job properly.

Before you start any diet or weight loss plan, ask yourself one question... "Will I be able to carry on this diet for the rest of my life?" If the answer is no, which is very likely, then I would strongly advise against it. When you are looking to lose weight, you want to enjoy what you are eating, not force yourself to eat or drink something because someone has told you to. Doing this will almost certainly result in you giving up.