The truth about green tea supplements

Have you ever bought or thought about buying some of the countless green tea supplements out there?

I have been noticing a huge rise in the number green tea supplements out there, especially being sold on social media and are being marketed as something which is an essential part of the human diet. Yes, there are many benefits from it but it is not a requirement so if you don't like it, you are better finding an alternative that you enjoy and will also give you health benefits instead of reaching for tablets! ...
I bought a box of 50 green tea bags for 75p which contain 100% green tea whereas some of the supplements out there contain around 65% green tea plus things like sugar and bulking agents and put into tablet or powder form.

Comparing that to the Herbalife products which you can get in a capsule or powder, they cost around 33p per serving for something which you can easily get with a trip to the shop for 1.5p per serving.

If you are thinking about taking any supplement answer these questions first... 1) What am I actually buying? 2) Can I get the same thing for cheaper without supplements? In this case the answers would be 1) A tablet/powdered form of one of the simplest things in life... A tea bag! 2) Yes! Very easily... From a green tea bag and hot water.

So if you are wanting some green tea in your diet, how easy is it to get?