Doping in Sport

With the recent news coming out about the failed doping tests of USA sprinter Tyson Gay and Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell I am writing a blog to explain the risks that can be posed by supplements. 


Gay, a 100m sprinter who is the joint fastest in the world was informed by the US Anti Doping Agency that one of his samples came back positive. It is still unclear which substance Gay has tested positive for. 

Powell, also a 100m sprinter who clocked a time of 9.88 seconds earlier this year was told that his sample tested positive for a substance called oxilofrine which is a stimulant that boosts fat burning. 

Unlike the pharmaceutical market, sports products are not regulated in the same way. This means that many of them may have been contaminated by a substance which is on the banned list even though everything on the ingredients appears to be safe. This could then mean a positive doping test. 

With the list of substances ever expanding it is absolutely vital that athletes are aware what is on it before they take any supplement. There is a very good website online which allows you to check the product you are using against their database which has tested a large number of products to make sure they are 100% safe. If the product has been checked it will also bear the informed sport logo on the packaging.

For the majority of the population you will not require the use of supplements, I feel that the way they are portrayed in the media, the hype that surrounds them in gyms and the vast amounts of money the companies spend to get big name athletes to endorse them only adds to the public view that they are essential to sporting success. Where in actual fact, a well planned out and organised nutrition/hydration plan can vastly reduce the need to turn to expensive supplements where you run the risk of positive doping tests.

It is worrying the increasing number of top class athletes who have been found guilty of taking banned substances, whether this was a choice they made on purpose in order to gain that extra second or if it was accidentally from taking a supplement which was contaminated with a banned substance I think there needs to be a major crackdown on the way sports products are regulated and the consequences should someone be found guilty of cheating in professional sport.

If you are interested in anything that has been mentioned in this post or would like help to create a diet away from supplements contact Craig for more details