Another Fad Diet

I have just heard about yet another diet which appears to be getting popular. With the claim "guaranteed to lose 1 stone in a week" it seems to be sounding attractive to some people. Yet when you look into it, this 'diet' is for people who must lose weight quickly for a potential life saving operation. How does this possibly sound like a good idea let alone not very appetising?
I don't know about everyone else but I for one am not very attracted to a diet of 1 slice of dry bread, some fruit and 2 eggs as my only food for the day.

When being told by qualified nutritionists and dieticians who have studied in the field for years and have spent a lot of money on tuition fees, student loans etc to get these qualifications, the number of people who don't believe or don't want to believe the advice is staggering when you see how many people who will happily take nutritional advice from people who have no idea what these diets are doing to their body or buying products from a distributor whose primary concern is the sales they are getting from the shakes/pills and not what may happen to the customer as a result of these products.

- Would you let a hairdresser fix your car? 
- Would you let a plumber perform surgery on you? 
- Would you let an office co-worker carry out your dentist work?

I would hope the answer to them is no. So why are so many people happy to accept potentially fatal nutritional advice from people with no knowledge of the dangers associated with these types of diet?

Like I have said countless times THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MIRACLE DIET SOLUTION!! Losing weight is not a quick fix it should be a lifestyle change for the rest of your life. None of these 'diets' are sustainable. I have yet to meet someone who is planning on living on shakes or a heavily restricted diet for the rest of their lives. 
Like you hear a lot of times the only way to lose weight healthily is to eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise. 
Yes, you may not lose a lot of weight very quickly but it will stay off and it will be fat you are losing not lean tissue.

Please be sensible everyone!