Alternatives to Juice Plus - Part 2: Complete Soup

Part 2 of my Facebook series of videos looks at the Complete Soup from Juice Plus. After noticing the following claim on their website it made me wonder just how cheap you can make soup for.

Even in your own kitchen you will find it a challenge to conjure up an equivalent dish at a lower price
— Juice Plus

Knowing that soup is probably one of the cheapest healthy foods you can make, I accepted the challenge. I used the same ingredients that are listed on the nutritional label of the Complete Soup (Carrots, Leek, Celery, Onions, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Spinach, Peas, Potato and Sunflower seeds used as a garnish).

Looking at the ingredients list also shocked me. With a product marketed as 'vegetable' soup, you would hope/expect it to contain a decent amount of vegetables wouldn't you? It amazingly only contains 14% mixed vegetables!!! The rest of the ingredients are made up with added vitamins and minerals, which if you made the soup using fresh vegetables you would be getting anyway.

The challenge from Juice Plus was to create a cheaper alternative in my own kitchen. Their soup comes to a staggering £2.30 per 330ml portion!! You are also required to buy a 4 month supply of it which comes to a total of £141 spread over 4 months or £137.50 if you pay in one go. 

All of the vegetables i purchased from the supermarket came to £5.11, however i didn't use all of them and had to use some ingredients that i already had in my kitchen such as stock cubes. When i worked out the total cost of all the ingredients and appropriate amounts used it came to a total of £5.46 and i made a total of 6153ml. Splitting this up into equivalent 330ml portion sizes worked out as being 29p per portion! 

So there you have it... Making soup from scratch using fresh vegetables not only saves you a lot of money, but you know you are getting more than a 14% vegetable content! 

As i have said on numerous occasions, if you are wanting to lose weight think before jumping into buying expensive supplements. If you make this soup from scratch you could have the same amount of soup as juice plus, buy a 4 month membership at a budget gym (Exercise 4 Less is £14.99 a month) and still have £63.60 left over that you could use for some gym clothes, more quality food or to just treat yourself. 

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