Meal Plan

With a meal plan it is important that you still have a bit of choice about what you are eating. The longer you keep the plan going the larger the choices you will build up and you will gain a better knowledge and understanding of your own diet and nutrition. The first month you will receive a pack containing carefully selected meal ideas based on your personal requirements and food preferences. This pack will contain the following

  • 2 Breakfast choices
  • 2 Lunch choices
  • 5 Dinner Choices
  • A selection of Snack Choices

You will be instructed as to what you need and you will then be able to choose appropriate choices from the lists.

Each month you will receive additional options to add to your plan.

24/7 Support

During the course of the plan you will be able to contact me via email to ask any questions relating to your plan to help keep you motivated. No question is too small so if you feel you have a burning question that needs answered or simply need a bit of reassurance or motivation you can just drop me an email and i will respond to you ASAP.

Monthly Goal Setting

One of the greatest motivational tools is goal setting. By setting yourself a short term and a long term achievable goal will help keep your mind on track and will also help you to track the changes to your weight. I will be on hand to look at the goals you have set to make sure they are relevant and achievable.

Monthly Plan Adjustments

As you begin to lose weight your body composition will change, meaning you will have different nutritional requirements. It is important that this is kept in mind to make sure you will get the most out of your plan.

Monthly Tips + Recipes

As part of the plan you may also receive some new recipe ideas as well as top tips for weight loss, exercise or other information that is personalised to you.


*If you want to meet up to discuss anything in person an additional charge will be required, which will be dependent on distance. This will be arranged prior to payment and meeting.

Payment will be made by Standing Order which will be arranged via email. Once this has been set up and first payment has been received then you will receive the first part of your plan.