Imagine the feeling of crossing the finishing line for the first time, lifting that trophy or getting rid of those excess pounds. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of success!

Craig with Olympic marathon runner Freya ross

Craig with Olympic marathon runner Freya ross

How Craig can help you...

  • Ensure you are eating the right nutrients to support your specific sport, activity, goal or lifestyle. Looking at the balance between carbohydrate, protein and fat, as well as the vitamins, minerals and other important aspects of your diet.
  • Learn how to enhance your training and performance through nutrient timing.
  • Support your overall health through better nutrition choices.
  • Achieve success and complete your goals!


Services at a glance



Ideal for those needing to get to grips with the basics


Designed for those looking to enhance their knowledge and optimise sports performance


Designed for professional athletes or those doing high level sports i.e. ultra marathons