Are you a professional athlete or taking part in a more extreme sport such an ultra marathon iron man triathlon? This will require you to have a whole new level of dedication which in turn involves much more work and time going into giving you the best service possible and enabling you to achieve your goal.

As an elite athlete it is important that you are paying close attention to your nutrition as this could be the difference between winning and losing, getting your hands on that trophy or not. When it comes to nutrition for top level athletes the tiny details can make a huge difference which is why I will use my professional diet analysis software to look at a full weeks worth of your food diary to make sure you are receiving the best possible advice.

You will receive 1 face to face consultation and 4 one to one sessions lasting around 1 hour, each tailored around your personal needs, goals and understanding. 

Prior to the initial consultation you will complete and send back a questionnaire that will let me know more about your food preferences, current understanding of nutrition, exercise schedule, goals, dietary requirements etc. This will enable me to make the sessions personal to you.

During the initial consultation we will discuss in detail the information you supplied in the questionnaire as well as answering any questions you may have and then making a plan for the following sessions.

Each session can take place at your home/workplace, gym, training centre, coffee shop or other meeting place to make it convenient to you.

Following each session you will receive a detailed copy of the main points discussed as well as a number of useful documents based on your circumstances which will enhance your experience. 

Initial consultation + 4 sessions = £250*

Follow up sessions = £50*

*A small fuel charge may be required depending on the location. This will be discussed prior to the meetings