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Nutrition For The World Cup

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup now underway, I have already witnessed a number of players going down with cramp in their opening game which got me thinking why is this happening? This article will highlight the nutritional requirements of football players and some of the issues facing them. So what should teams/players be looking at to ensure they will perform at their best?

Top 3 Nutrition Tips For Marathon Runners

From the experience of working with numerous marathon runners over the years I have found the same issues seem to appear more often that others. I have put this video together to provide a little bit of assistance for people who are running a marathon, whether you are a first timer or are a seasoned…

Nutrition When Injured

Nutrition When Injured Injury is an unfortunate factor that goes along with participation in sport. Whether professional or recreational, most of us will have experienced injury in some form or another which can force us out of training for a long period of time depending on the severity of it.  What a lot of people…