Are you just starting out in sport/exercise or are looking to lose some weight and are wanting to learn how to get the best out of your nutrition or you just want to enhance your knowledge then the beginner coaching package is perfect for you.

The beginner package consists of an initial consultation and 2 one to one sessions lasting around 1 hour, each tailored around your personal needs, goals and knowledge.

Prior to the initial consultation you will complete and send back a questionnaire that will let me know more about your food preferences, current understanding of nutrition, exercise schedule, goals, dietary requirements etc. This will enable me to tailor the sessions personal to you.

During the initial consultation we will discuss in detail the information you supplied in the questionnaire as well as answering any questions you may have and then develop a plan for the future sessions.

After completing the beginner programme you will have gained a good knowledge of the basics of nutrition which will help you to achieve your goals whether it is to lose some weight or just to make your diet healthier. You will also gain valuable skills to help you plan healthy meals based around your own goals and requirements, a sound understanding of food shopping to help you make the right choices in the supermarket as well as saving yourself some money along the way.

Each session can take place at your home/workplace, gym, coffee shop or other meeting place to make it convenient to you.

Following each session you will receive a detailed copy of the main points discussed as well as a number of useful documents based on your circumstances which will enhance your experience. 

Initial consultation + 2 sessions = £80*

Follow up sessions = £25*

*A small fuel charge may be required depending on the location. This will be discussed prior to the meetings