Advanced Session

Do you have a good understanding of nutrition for sport/exercise but need to further your knowledge to help you to achieve your goals? Maybe you are running your first marathon or are wanting to achieve a new PB in swimming. I can provide the expertise you need to optimise your nutrition whatever your sport.

With the advanced package you will gain a more detailed service due to the more advanced nature of your sporting goals. Whether you have reached a plateau with your muscle building routine, running your first marathon or are looking to run a triathlon and need help with your nutrition then this package is for you.

After completing the advanced programme you will have developed a good knowledge of the importance of macronutrients, how to eat to optimise your sporting performance before exercise as well as recovery. Using professional diet analysis software I will look at your current diet and will provide recommendations and advice on various aspects including; preparation, recovery, macronutrient content, vitamins and mineral content.

Following each session you will receive a detailed copy of the main points discussed as well as a number of useful documents based on your circumstances which will enhance your experience. 

Initial consultation + 3 sessions = £150*

Follow up sessions = £35*